Compasses - I goofed!

From: Ed Tonry (
Date: Sat 10 May 1997 - 06:14:24 EEST

I thought I was right to say you only needed two compasses. Then I
started thinking about someone else's comment about circles. That's
when it hit me. The angle is correct, but it can pivot, making the

So, my current opinion (always subject to change, natch) is that you
need two compasses, and a reference point. Without a North Pole, I
would suggest the point of sunrise (or sunset). If you like the idea of
the sun's course shifting with the seasons, add a table for seasonal
adjustments, or marks on the edge of the map.

Incidentally, I am assuming a map covering a _large_ chunk of Glorantha,
useful for going from Pavis to Seshnela, or at least the western Holy
Country. Smaller maps surely exist, but you can always stumble around
until you find a landmark. On a LARGE map, there isn't enough detail to
indicate landmarks.

Ed Tonry


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