Red Moon

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sat 10 May 1997 - 10:50:41 EEST

Alex writes:

> I _believe_ Nick assumed for purposes of his Ephemeris program that
> the moon shows a constant sized disk all over Glorantha, suggesting
> its parallax is at best small, but I'm not 100% about that. NB?

Actually, the Ephemeris only shows stars from one (undetermined) location;
we were never sure whether this should be the Yuthuppan Astrodome or Merman
Death-Plunge view. So the question never arose.

I believe the size and apparent height of the Red Moon do vary depending on
where you are in Glorantha: although she *can* be seen outside the Glowline
(contra RQ2 CoP), she's quite small and lower in the sky if you're looking
northwards from Pamaltela, much larger and more directly overhead if you're
in Glamour (don't forget the protective red-tinted moonglasses!). And there
are plenty of places where mountains, cliffs, roofs, trees, clouds, etc.
will obscure your view. Roll on the first 3D continental model of Glorantha
so we can sort out all these questions.

Theya the Morning Star (East Gate) and Rausa the Evening Star (West Gate)
might be handy for navigators, though they do appear a day's length apart.
Pole Star "wobbles" (it's only dead centre in high Fire Season, drifting
southwards with the axis of the Dome for the rest of the year), so not too

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