Gods among men

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Trent Di Renna noted

> 1. Can a God manifest physically in the Material World? According to the
> Great Compromise, they can't, except as abstract phenomena, but in River
> of Cradles, Waha is mentioned as walking around as a physical being.
> Also, there's the Red Goddess and Nysalor, who obviously walked around
> physically. The only other example I can think of is YT fighting Humakt,

> which might have been a HeroQuest, but then again, maybe not.
        Some gods start out as Mortals, and after doing a host of great deeds
and HeroQuests they acheive Apotheosis and take their place amongst the gods.
That's probably the case for Waha, although he had divine parents, was
certainly the case for Pavis and Sartar and Arkat, and is sort of the case
for the Red Goddess.

       Nysalor is a bit trickier; he was _created_ as a god, after all.
Still, maybe he didn't quite have that necessary something that would have
pushed him off the Mundane Plane. Or maybe he fit into some sort of
"loophole" in the rules of existance.

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