RQ Tekumel

From: reaper@sound.net
Date: Sun 11 May 1997 - 04:36:15 EEST


>Didn't the Tekumel game system have a run in Glorantha at Convulsions
>awhile back? Or, was it the other way around, with Tekumel being played
>using RQ rules?

  Sandy Peterson has written RQ version for Tekumel. I think I played in
it at RQ Con I. The rules are now on the Web too, I believe. They are mostly
the magic system and you convert the rest as you see fit. The magic is
based on some version of sorcery.

  Having played in both Tekumel game rules (old D&D clone version) and
the RQ rules, I liked the RQ version better. Of course, when Sandy GMs
who can be objective?



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