Red Moon

Date: Sun 11 May 1997 - 20:08:59 EEST

Steve Martin, on CoP and ES:

<< That's funny -- nowhere does it say the Red Moon is visible outside of
 the Glowline, though King of Sartar implies this in the Colymar Book (pg
 200). >>

     Actually, there is a statement in print that the Red Moon can be seen
outside the Glowline (not that you were saying it can't be seen). ES, p43:
the picture shows 'the sky of Glorantha, summer, midnight from the... center
of Magasta's Pool.' The picture shows the Red Moon, ergo it's visible at
least from the Pool, which is well outside the Glowline.
     The fact that the merman's location has to be defined implies that the
stars do show parallax (or that the world is spherical, which it obviously
isn't). Although, FAIK this may have been Gregged...

VS Green on Orlanth Bridegroom:

<<How absurd an idea is this?>>

    While it makes a lot of sense politically, and has some RW parallels
(this is why Zeus has so many affairs in Greek mythology AFAIK) it seems
unlikely in Glorantha. There are lots of mythical reasons why the Red Goddess
has to destroy Orlanth, and I dont really think marrying him counts (although
you never know ;-)).

Nick Effingham on non-RQ Glorantha:
    <<I think I remember someone using Tunnels & Trolls (anyone remember

    Remember it? The other GM in my group uses it all the time. Although not
for Glorantha (yet).

All hail the Reaching Moon!


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