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>I plan on having a noble dragonewt join the PCs
>at their army post as a cook (he wants to be a gourmet).
>I want some suggestions on how to have him act.

When I ran the Dnewt March for about 5 years, I had
lots of DNewt NPCs. Things they did:

Used the PCs for target practice

Handed out magic items at random

Ate a PC

Painted a PC another color

Sat perfectly still for an entire season

Engaged in obsessive compulsive repetative patterned

Walked in perfectly straight lines for a week, making only
90 degree turns. When they got to an obstacles like trees,
they made the PCs cut them down.

Tried to watch a PC to have sex

Asked strange synathethic questions like "How does
blue taste?" or "What is the sound of salt?"

Made the PCs form living statues, holding their positions for
hours. Got very angry when they moved.

Killed themselves for no apparant reason.

Sent the PCs on obscure quests into Doraster (what a
bunch of merry pranksters)

Offered to teach a PC a DNewt skill. Ritual Suicide.
(Hey, it's checkable when you're a DNewt. One of them
had mastery in it).

Threw rocks into the air to see if they'd come down. Some

Walked backwards, talked backwards, excreted backwards, and
ingested backwards for 24 hrs.

You get the picture. There was one Noble and two Priests on the
March. Plus a huge entourage of Beaked and Crested, and a swarm
of newtlings and human mercenaries/slaves (the PCs).

>His conversations will have short sentences and will
>get better over time. Any voice suggestions (that won't
>destroy mine)?

My Noble never talked to the PCs directly. They were
spiritually impure. He talked to a DNewt Priest, who talked to
a warrior, who talked to a scout, who talked to a Newtling or a
disgraced DNewt outcast, who talked to the PCs.

But you should consider hissing a lot.

> Change sentence structure?

How about speaking in Haikus.

The sssssun issss shining
Morning dew ssssparklesss on grasssss
It'ssss time for breakfassst

>Any peculiar mannerisms? (I'm not going to wave arms
>or sniff air.. this isn't quite live RPGing).

Lots of staring off into space. Lots of weird movement.
Occassional random stalking of warm blooded lifeforms.
Bug eating.

>The dragonewt (oh a name.. hmm.. so far I've thought of using Latin)

The head of the DNewt march translated his name as
Master Prince of Four Jewels. At some point along the March he
started calling himself Master Prince of Five Jewels. No one ever
saw him carrying any gemstones.

Think Chinese names translated into English:

Ancient Gateway of Heavenly Peace

Silibent Tongue of Oroborus

Mediations on a Crimson Shadow

Five Blessing from the Ancients

Prince Gold Scale Dancing Mountain


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