Prax, Tada, New Pavis and questions

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Date: Sun 11 May 1997 - 23:17:48 EEST

About New Pavis and Prax
  How big are the Five Great Tribes of Prax? I'm confused by all the
herbivores and the fact that Prax is considered to be a 'wasteland.' The
landscape seems to imply small tribes. I wonder then how much
intermingling goes on between the tribes, in regards to: decisions
affecting the whole, migration patterns, etc.

  I was wondering what year New Pavis was founded? I run a game that is
set sometime after the destruction of the OOO but before ghost dragonnewts
opened the gates at Big Rubble. All I have to go on about Pavis is a cover
for a supplement I don't own: "River of Cradles," the architecture looks
vaguely like that of Pueblo Mesas in SW America or Jeruselem.
  What's up with Tada's High Tumulus? I have lately been influenced by
Hidden Cities by Roger G. Kennedy. The cover alone is worth gauking at.
For those of you unfamiliar: In the fore and background are two huge earth
mounds on which rest long houses. Between them a huge common field where a
ball court is and smaller mounds dot the land beyond the larger ones. Many
residential long houses lie in between. The architecture may be
reminiscent of Tada's culture. The mounds may serve many functions: one
for the debate houses for priest's and initiates of Waha to discuss law,
one for the marking of time, many for the storage of grain in baskets on
platforms, others for the potter's kiln. What do you guy's think about
  Who lives in Cornflu? What is there culture like? Are these people like
those in Pavis?

Arthur Reyes


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