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From: Christoph Luehr (
Date: Mon 12 May 1997 - 00:27:02 EEST

> In an RQ campaign which recently ended, I had intended to have the
> Sartarite PCs find out about a Lunar inspired cult of "Orlanth Bridegroom".
> The idea was that Orlanthis who were friendly to the Empire and the Goddess
> would attempt to "marry" Orlanth to the Red Goddess by rituals (Orlanth Wind
> Lords and Storm Voices marrying Lunar priestesses, maybe) and heroquests.
> How absurd an idea is that?

I think it is not so absurd. Indeed it is rather unrealistic that all
Orlanthis everywhere on Glorantha would be enemies of the Red
Goddess. And it would be only natural for the Orlanthis to find a
solution how to explain the friendship of these both gods. But what
about Ernalda. How is Orlanth getting rid of her ?

> Most extreme version: The PCs are put in some kind of stasis or
> otherwise out of the universe. When they return, Orlanth is part of the Lunar
> pantheon and the Empire rules almost the whole of Genertela.

I don't like this idea. It would be more science-fiction than
fantasy. In add I don't believe that it would be possible for the
Lunars to rule over whole Genertela. I think the more civilized
countries in Ralios would union against such a strong enemy and
defeat them. Of course they would break after the war, but before the
Lunars would be stopped. And if not, the Lunat Empire would break one
time like the Roman Empire had.


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