Re: Glowline

From: Frederic Moulin (
Date: Tue 13 May 1997 - 05:12:54 EEST

><< That's funny -- nowhere does it say the Red Moon is visible outside of
> the Glowline, though King of Sartar implies this in the Colymar Book (pg
> 200). >>
> Actually, there is a statement in print that the Red Moon can be seen
>outside the Glowline (not that you were saying it can't be seen). ES, p43:

>the picture shows 'the sky of Glorantha, summer, midnight from the... center
>of Magasta's Pool.' The picture shows the Red Moon, ergo it's visible at
>least from the Pool, which is well outside the Glowline.

The Red moon is visible everywhere. It is always full within the Glowline,
that's all. Cyclic magic is affected only ontside of the Glowline


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