From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 12 May 1997 - 16:34:19 EEST

Carl Fink posts his bimonthly demand for Similar Gods to be Equivalent,
Equivalent gods to be Identical, and Identical Gods to be More Similar.

(And implicitly, that they all be as Objectively Real as possible, and
to desist with this aberrant similarity to RW mythology.)

> Some resemblance between the "real" (if incomprehensible) being and
> his/her portrayal should remain.

If you think the true nature of a god is incomprehensible, then I don't
see that it makes much sense to make suppositions about this True
Nature as a starting point for arguments about how they may or may not
be worshiped or manifest themselves, much less the question of which
deity is "really" which. Is Shargash "really" Tolat? Is Yelmalio
"really" Elmal? (etc.) I think the opinions of Gloranthans on such
subjects is considerably more significant and interesting than theories
about them which are purely game-level, rules-level, or like most of
this threads, essentially pure abstractions having nothing much to do
with the game, rules or much less, Gloranthan experience.

> Does anyone worship the Sun as a rebel

What about, say, the Dara Happans? (See Avivath.)

> or trickster on the lozenge?

Does anyone worship the sun as a trickster on the globe, either?
If not, what "point" does that prove about the RW, then?



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