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Date: Mon 12 May 1997 - 21:14:21 EEST

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 (Michael Cule) wrote:

> What is the difference between Glorantha Lore and World Lore?

I used to think that GL is WL in Glorantha.

Stephen Watson <> replied

>The way I use it:
>World Lore is knowing about stuff that is roughly the same as earth.
>Glorantha Lore is knowing about stuff that isn't remotely the same as
>Knowing the local weather patterns would be World Lore, the mythical
>reasons behind them would be Glorantha Lore.

Here I do not agree and this is also reason to use GL as WL: I do not think
that, in Glorantha, one can differentiate between the mythical and the
natural causes of things. Gloranthans definitely do not. Winds blow as
their spirits will them to, if the local earth godess is neglected the
harvest will suffer, etc.

Now a question:
        In the Book of Drastic Resolutions there is a NPC who is a fanatic
worshipper of Tyram, deity of Sky Chaos,and whose goal is to amass enough
HAte Sky spells to black out the Sun. Out of curiosity, what does this HAte
Sky spell do and where is it described. I've never heard of it before.

Oh, and I, too believe in Sandy.

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