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Date: Mon 12 May 1997 - 23:12:29 EEST

I've finally got through my backlog of Digests! (Been away for a week and
got a stomach flu out of it...) Here are a few comments to Arthur Reyes'

> I wonder then how much
>intermingling goes on between the tribes [of Prax], in regards to: decisions
>affecting the whole, migration patterns, etc.

Virtually no cooperation exixts between the tribes, or the Nations as they
are called, except Religously at the Paps and at (extremely ) great times
of crisis. At the battle of Moonbroth the Sables fought with teh Lunars and
only the Bison and Impala of all teh large tribes fought against the


> I was wondering what year New Pavis was founded?

New Pavis was founded in 1550 by Duke Dorasar, grandson of King Sartar.
Do try to get hold of River of Cradles, You'll find use for it.

> What's up with Tada's High Tumulus?

I cannot remember where I got this from, byt Tada's High Tumulus is a high
solitary mountain, on the top of which live Wind Children. It may be
impossible to reach the top by climbing, but of this I'm very uncertain.
What I am certain of is that there live no nomads on the mountain.

> Who lives in Cornflu? What is there culture like? Are these people like
>those in Pavis?

Corflu was founded in 1611 by theIngillis of New Pavis for the Lunars as a
seaport and trading post. Some Pavisites live there but it is dominated by
the Lunars who keep a military contingent there. There is also a
Gorakiki-Dragonfly shrine to help keep away the huge mosquitoes that infest
the area.

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