From: Cory Davis (
Date: Mon 12 May 1997 - 20:00:28 EEST

Hi everyone

Please disregard my last message as I got a little too excited with the
Address book in my mailer and sent the wrong things to the wrong people
(Andrew almost got this)

Anyway back to the real stuff
I am very curious about Sartar and would like to know if there is anything
more written about him apart from what is in KoS as am thinking of running a
campaign during the formation of his Kingdom with the players Pro Sartar /
City .

Also in 1620, is there a Sartar Hero cult, is there a Boldhome city cult and
what place or importance has the flame of Sartar. I mean why is the
connection between Argrath and Sartar so important from a religous
perspective unless Sartar has some religous importance

my apologies for my previous sins
and thanx



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