RQ Con V - Status Update

From: Neil Robinson (neilr@gonzo.wolfenet.com)
Date: Tue 13 May 1997 - 01:05:54 EEST

Before I zip off to the German Con, I thought I would give you a
little update about the next Con, the one in Victoria in July.

Glorantha Con V:
... if you all register now we won't bother you any more....

Things are heating up in the Pactic Northwest, with shorts being in
vogue. The salmon are jumping, the orca's are frolicking in the
waves, and nature itself conspires to Welcome the Goddess. And so
should you!

You know you've always wanted to be a mover and shaker in Glorantha's
enlightened empire, and this may be your only chance. The chance for
Illumination comes only once, and should be grabbed with all
extremities lest you be left in benighted darkness till the end of
your days.

Or do you want something more subtle and devious? Gasp at the
brilliance of Orlanthi legal presidences. Thrill to bloodstirring
wapentake of the Malani Fyrd. Tremble before a collective weight of
legal acumen that would make a Lunar buearocrat cringe. Or attempt
the boldest of Orlanth's great feats, and lead your peole to glory.

Now here's your chance. Spots for the LARPs (Life of Moonson and Fall
of the House of Malan) are filling, although we are always looking
for more female players (crossdressers are welcomed too).

There is a full plethora of other events to entice the and entrall
everyone, as well as an unparalleled opportunity to rub shoulders and
perhaps raise a glass with assorted Glorantha loonies, er luminaries.

Prepare your stories for Pelorian tales, blunt your mace for
trollball, and be ready to joyously welcome the Goddess to the
descended Island Kingdom of Vancouver.

Last person to get their registration form in becomes the Emperor's

See you then!

This has been a public service announcement from the Pacific
Northwest Farmer's Collective. All Hail the Reaching Storm!


P.S. I'll be out of town from Thursday May 15th until MOnday May
27th. You can direct e-mail to Bill Thompson

Neil Robinson Glorantha-Con V net rep. July 25-27 1997
neilr@wolfenet.com Come visit our web site!
Seattle, WA USA http://www.pensee.com/dunham/glorantha/con5/gcon5.htm


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