Sun Dragon, the EWF and Sun Dome

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 13 May 1997 - 10:20:32 EEST

Further to Peter's post on Sun Dragon:

As the founders of the Praxian Sun Dome Temple are said to have come from a
Sun Dome Temple in Dragon Pass in 877 ST, while the Golden Dragon became
Emperor of Dara Happa in 878 ST following many years of increasing success
in the South (NB!), it seems likely that:

1) Old Sun Dome includes scaled-and-clawed Sun Dragon aspects
        (as this represented mainstream Dara Happan religion at the
        time it was built): this is the ruined temple described in
        Sun County p.112ff.

2) Modern Sun Domers in Prax are still friendly to the (very few)
        worshippers of Sun Dragon, such as Windwhistler the Wyrm from
        Balastor's Barracks/Griffin Gate (cf. Big Rubble for stats).

3) Dara Happans, OTOH, consider the Sun Dragon a perverse heresy
        and would *love* to persecute any remnants of it they can find.

Best source for info. would of course be PCs who complete the Old Sun Dome
adventure and find e.g. scaly carvings or an outright Sun Dragon statue in
area 4) of Old Sun Dome (not very detailed in the existing adventure). Then
the Dara Happan Inquisitor specialising in the Draconic Heresy can arrive
in Prax... and we have another reason why Sun Domers might join Argrath
(noted EWF revivalist) rather than the (Solar) Lunars, come the rebellion.



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