Stinking Elves

From: Lemens, Chris (CNU!AUSTIN3!
Date: Tue 13 May 1997 - 16:24:00 EEST

Thomas Gottschall:

>Does anybody know something about the elves there and their
>relationship towards a) the Tuskriders, b) the Lunar Empire and
c) Sartar ? Are they like normal elves or are they somehow special?

Not having read anything since #389, someone may have given a better answer
than this one:

a. Untempered hostility. These are brutish half-trolls that eat or
sacrifices elves.

b. Hostility tempered only by distance. In either GRAY or TFS, there are
maps showing the varying extent of the forests in the elder wilds area.
 This forest at one time stretched to the stinking forest. The Yelmics were
partly responsible for pushing them back. The elves (having the long view
of things) see the Lunars as the Solar successors. Plus, they know about
the destruction of Eregia and Rist.

c. Neutral. Good boundaries make good neighbors. Snakepipe Hollow make a
good natural boundary.

They are normal elves, but the stinking forest is not an elfwood. Hence,
they do not hear the song of Aldrya. They would like to convert the forest
into an elf wood, but will not be able to as long as there are tusk riders.
 They are the elves often seen in the vale of flowers, which I take to be
the place where the victorious armies celebrated after the IFWW battle and
agreed a temporary truce so that they could all depart for their various
homes. (There is a reference in GRAY to one of the emperors permitting
various armies to traverse his lands. Something like he permitted the elves
to go east, the trolls to go north, etc. I take this to be a reference to
the truce.)

Do elves from a forest that stinks also stink?

Chris Lemens


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