We don't need no steenking elves!

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Wed 14 May 1997 - 03:19:03 EEST

Chris Lemens suggests the Stinking Forest elves' attitude towards
respectively b) the Lunar Empire; and c) Sartar is:

> b. Hostility tempered only by distance.


> c. Neutral.

I'd not disagree with Chris' reasons, but I think the GoG give the
Official Pantheon Relations between the groups as being t'other
way around, or perhaps even moreso. Of course, that's describing
the "solars" in such broad terms as to potentially be rather
meaningless, as it lumps in all of the East, Pent, etc, with Dara
Happa as Generic Sun Worship.

> Snakepipe Hollow make a good natural boundary.
Don't you mean the Footprint?

> They are normal elves, but the stinking forest is not an elfwood. =
> they do not hear the song of Aldrya.=20

I'm not sure I'd put it in those terms. Wouldn't that make them all,
in the terms of the previous discussion of the concept, effectively
rootless, and outwith Aldrya's cult? (Or if you will, '"cult"'.)

In ELF format,


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