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Date: Wed 14 May 1997 - 02:25:07 EEST

Peter Metcalfe <>

>Not really. He *upsurped* the rule of the women which implies
>that he wasn't a ruler before then. Furthermore he was given
>the rule over men by the women which implies that there was
>a time when the Sun was not a ruler - he is noted for having
>given the best advice before this. This reflects IMO a
>transition between the Darsenite matriachy and the rise of a
>Solar state.

There are hints of this even in surviving Pelorian myth, IMO. ("This"
being the Emperor's more humble beginnings.) And certainly I didn't
claim that everyone has *identical* views.

>They would see the Sun as powerful but the concept of him as
>a ruler is not something that is automatic (insofar as a water
>buffalo is considered powerful but not a ruler).

There are no egalitarian human societies. Some are more
authoritarian, and some don't have "rulers", but all without exception
have leaders.

Alex Ferguson <>

>Carl Fink posts his bimonthly demand for Similar Gods to be Equivalent,
>Equivalent gods to be Identical, and Identical Gods to be More Similar.

Demand? Nah, more like "insistence".

>(And implicitly, that they all be as Objectively Real as possible, and
>to desist with this aberrant similarity to RW mythology.)

Yup, as far as Objectively Real. And again, why bother with Glorantha
if you want real-world mythology? The real world *already* exists.

Apparently I was unclear in one sentence. I meant to say, "Does
anyone on the lozenge worship the Sun as a trickster?"

Oh, I can't look up Avivath, don't have the materials.
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Carl Fink

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