Sartar and Boldhome

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Date: Wed 14 May 1997 - 08:41:15 EEST

Cory asks:

> I am very curious about Sartar and would like to know if there is
> anything more written about him apart from what is in KoS as I am
> thinking of running a campaign during the formation of his Kingdom
> with the players Pro Sartar / City.

Nothing much, no. Maybe the odd snippet here and there (e.g: you might get
something useful from the "Sartar High Council" proto-freeform in the book
"Wyrms Footnotes"), but KoS is the basic source for Sartar the Man.

For much more on Boldhome, try to pick up a copy of the "Rough Guide to
Boldhome" (from the Reaching Moon Megacorp). This was the players' book for
our freeform "Home of the Bold", and includes some rather spiffy maps, a
description of the city, various notables (obviously these are all Lunar
Occupation period rather than 1490s), etc.

The Cult of Sartar has religious importance as a local ancestor subcult of
Orlanth Rex; only descendants of Sartar can rule his kingdom the way he
did. The Cult of Sartar is for relatives only.

A cult of Boldhome? Hmm... on the face of it, that seems unlikely: Boldhome
is a rather small and rather new city to have attracted much civic esprit.
(Founded in 1490; certainly among the smallest cities in Dragon Pass). The
cult of the Masons was important in "Home of the Bold", with royal
patronage (all those bridges & roads & temples of the dynasty), and might

make a good substitute, but is probably apolitical. We know that Boldhome
had an elected Mayor; elections would be a useful source of civic
enthusiasm (and therefore worship), if you like.

In 1620 the Flame of Sartar is (sadly) mere glowing coals or embers. Try as
he might, Prince Temertain has never managed to kindle more than a spark on
Sartar's Flame Altar. (And I should know: I've *been* him three times!).

I'm not sure the connection between Argrath and Sartar is primarily a
religious one as you state: he claims to be descended from Sartar (and
therefore eligible to rule the land), while others say he's some kind of
usurper or bastard outlander. The "orthodox" story (that he is the legit.
last heir to the kingdom) was significantly muddied by KoS.

How about this: *Kallyr* was certainly a legit. heir to Sartar. If she made
Argrath (whichever Argrath it was) her consort before her unfortunate (but
oh-so-timely) demise, might his legitimacy derive from that royal marriage
and *not* from birth? :-)

(That should put the bat among the pigeons!)



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