Old wounds, more Humakt

From: Joseph Troxell (jmt107@psu.edu)
Date: Wed 14 May 1997 - 07:33:11 EEST

Sometimes I hate trailing on the Digests. If anyone has carried the
infamous compass debate off line, let me know. I have some stuff to add (or
maybe not).

While talking to Rich Ohlsen tonight, he brought up a wonderful point. If
Glorantha is flat, or shaped something like a bowl, there is no horizon to
interfer with line of sight. Therefore, the only thing preventing you from
seeing the world's highest mountain from anywhere would be: a) a tall object
in the way (which could be avoided by climbing a nearby high object), b)
weather (like fog), or c) limits of human (or non-human) eyesight (which
could be fixed with enough Farsee). So trying to find your location with a
compass (or two or three or twelve) may be unnessecary.

Rich Ohlsen and I have worked up several things for his (rather
Humakti-centric) campaign (including a Hero Cult, a few temples, and
Swordspeak which I just posted). If anyone is interested in using this,
please write me for some copies of preliminary work.

Now, back to my favorite diety. And Merlin and Bertie, whoever and wherever
you are, maybe you shouldn't read this:

Paul Chapman comments:
>Big Humakti Secret IMG (Merlin/Bertie _don't_ read this!) - Humakt knows
>Death isn't really final, Death merely leads to change and in essence

I don't consider that the Big Secret. I see it as central to the
understanding of Humakt. At least from a Humakti's point of view. But, I
think you're right on track.

>So if Humakt knows this, why doe he not allow
>for resurrection, why is he such a fanatic for final death? Because he
>_understands_ he is part of the balance (with life - Uleria or her kin?),

Humakt is seen by some as the God of Endings. I think you're right that
Death is just part of the balance and Humakt understands that, I think your
answer falls a bit short. Yes, without Death, Life wouldn't change. It
would grow stagnant. There would be no danger, no excitement. I don't
think Humakt does not allow resurrection because he sees it as part of the
life cycle. TotRM #5 comments,:

"A cult member may not be returned from the dead in any way. He is
considered to have been called by Humakt, and it would be sacrilegious to
try to reverse the situation."

My chraracter looks at the situation in the following manner:

"No, we [Humakti] cannot be resurrected. Many see it as a weakness of the
cult, but in fact, it is Humakt's greatest strength. For Humakt protects
the souls of his fallen. None can capture your soul and return it as an
undead. None may return it to a decayed and twisted remain of your body.
When I die, my soul goes to Hell and joins Humakt's legion. There we wait
for Humakt to call us for one last war. That does not mean that our life in
this world is insignificant. On the contrary, how we live this life and how
well we serve Humakt in this world determines where we serve in the legion.
Personally, I want to lead a rank, not be at the end!"
- -Krit Greywald


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