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Gee, I'm not all that far behind. Finally.

Red Moon

>Steve Martin, on CoP and ES:

><< That's funny -- nowhere does it say the Red Moon is visible outside
> the Glowline, though King of Sartar implies this in the Colymar Book
> 200). >>

> Actually, there is a statement in print that the Red Moon can be
>outside the Glowline (not that you were saying it can't be seen). ES,
>the picture shows 'the sky of Glorantha, summer, midnight from the...
>of Magasta's Pool.' The picture shows the Red Moon, ergo it's visible at
>least from the Pool, which is well outside the Glowline.
> The fact that the merman's location has to be defined implies that
>stars do show parallax (or that the world is spherical, which it
>isn't). Although, FAIK this may have been Gregged...

Actually, this is not _quite_ correct. What it says is that this view is
from "the point of view" of a triolini. Since even a triton can't lie on
his back in the middle of Magasta's Pool (since he would be long on his
way to fishie hell), this is a reference to a location. Greg and Nick
both at one point seem to have thought that merman astronomers leave
something to be desired.

Since a lot of this stuff is wrong, I wouldn't take it as gospel. For
example, while Lightfore is in the right place, Mastakos is not -- since
the Sunpath has to intersect the Eastern and Western Gates, he should be
somewhat lower on the page than he is. As should Pole Star, since he does
tilt with the Dome. Greg has since moved Youth, such that this picture
would better describe Spring Midnight, if not for the location of the
Sunpath. Etc.

Your point on parallax is well-taken. I would disagree with this
statement, myself, and say that the stars always appear to be the same
distance away. After all, since the ancients of the RW could not measure
parallax in the stars, the Gloranthans should not either. IMO.

Sun Dragon

The bits we have heard about this "cult" seem overrated. Greg once told
me that it is a very minor deal, whose one Divine spell (Telekinesis) is
used by the winged creatures to make up for their lack of hands.

I am of the opinion that it is identical, more or less, to the Dragon Sun
of Dara Happa, and so is related to the EWF. As to whether or not it is a
physical entity or not, of course it is -- all true dragons are real
entities. Of course, it also is not exactly real, since true dragons
aren't exactly real in Glorantha, either.

As for it being in Nomad Gods, Second Edition, as the
reviser/editer/author, I can state without doubt that this was done so
the Praxians could have access to a dragon in multi-player games
involving Dragon Pass. You note they also get an assassin -- Black Fang.
Superhero will be Tada -- look for 18 more counters for Nomad Gods in The
Book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Prax.
Dnewt hijinks

My guess is that you had the single most realistic dragonewt campaign in
the history of Glorantha and RuneQuest, Greg Stafford _not_withstanding.
Too cool.

The head of the DNewt march translated his name as
Master Prince of Four Jewels. At some point along the March he
started calling himself Master Prince of Five Jewels. No one ever
saw him carrying any gemstones.

Some notes (by Steve Perrin?) about The Dragonewt Power Rune Cult, which
seem to have formed part of the article in WF14, mentioned that there
were five different paths to self-mastery which dragonewts might take.
Lord Master Prince of Four Jewels was said inthat article to have
mastered four of them, hence his name. If this is still true, I doubt he
could achieve all five jewels, since once he did he would go back into
his Egg to await his turn at becoming the Inhuman King. At least, he
would once he died again. Though I don't think he could complete the
mastery _until_ he died, since that seems to be when dragonewts do all of
their skill progressions, experience rolls, etc.

Arthur Reyes on Prax

River of Cradles answers most of your questions about Pavis, the Rubble,
and Corflu. The stats for the Great Tribes are in Glorantha: Genertela,
Crucible of the Hero Wars. Some cultural info is in River of Cradles,
some in Genertela, some bits in Codex 1. The last, unpublished bits from
Chaosium will be in Drastic, Volume Prax.

As for Tada's High Tumulus, Trollpak has a map of Dagori Inkarth which
includes northern Prax, and gives some detail on the hills surrounding
what most Praxians say is Tada's burial mound.

Praxian legends state that if you bring all of Tada's Grisley Portions
atop the mound at the right time, with the right rituals, the god will be
reborn. As at least one of the Portions has been lost since before the
Dawn, Tada's Loincloth, the ancient prophecies remain unfulfilled. Some
of Tada's Warriors, who sleep in the hills around the mound awaiting his
return, can occasionally be called to fight for one tribe or another,
though it takes one of Tada's pieces (i.e., the Grisley Portions) to
awaken them. Nomad Gods has some information on this topic, Drastic will
have a little more.

Jon.Thorvaldson on Tada's High Tumulus

I myself have never heard of Wind Children living atop it, though I agree
that normally you cannot climb to the top of it. Only if you possess one
of the Portions could you succeed, IMO.

Note also that I believe at least one of the Independent Tribes has their
own myth about the mound. Specifically, I believe the Men-and-a-Half say
that their god "Lodril" is buried beneath the Tumulus, and that one day
he will erupt from it again, to lead them back home.

Hate Sky

Hate Sky is described in Lords of Terror (as is Tyram), under "Other
Cults in Dorastor". The concept of Tyram shows up in a couple of Chaosium
fragments, which are (if I recall) printed in Lords of Terror. The spell
I made up, originally for use by a Zorak Zoran subcult.

Essentially, Hate Sky is an area effect Extinguish spell.

Alex Ferguson on Stars

You probably did see a comparison chart of Sun, Moon, and Planetary
sizes, as Greg has one, apparently the _only_ piece of the Elder
Secrets-era star work which survives. However, that does not have to mean
the size of the Red Moon disk is fixed -- it could merely be the Red Moon
at its largest appearance.

Greg and I have been discussing the apparent size of the Red Moon for
some months now, going back and forth between fixed and variable. The
explanation I posted a few Digests ago represents the _current_ theory.

Stephen Martin
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