From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Wed 14 May 1997 - 20:26:03 EEST

Carl Fink is unrepentant:
> Yup, as far as Objectively Real. And again, why bother with Glorantha
> if you want real-world mythology? The real world *already* exists.

I didn't say I wanted "real-world mythology"; what I want is mythology
that's still recognisable as mythology, and not just The One True
Objective History of the Unambiguously Manifest Deity People. The
alleged redundancy of RW and Gloranthan mythology is a very unconvincing
argument. It's a bit like saying that as RW horses have four legs,
it'd clearly be better to give them five in an RPG. Especially an RPG
whose whole focus was horses, of course. After all, we already _have_
boring old four-legged horses.

> Apparently I was unclear in one sentence. I meant to say, "Does
> anyone on the lozenge worship the Sun as a trickster?"

I don't you think were unclear: several people, including myself,
responded to precisely this point.

> Oh, I can't look up Avivath, don't have the materials.

OK, just take my word for it, then. (The "tyrants" he was "rebelling"
against were the Jenarong-type horsey guys; and he was an avatar of



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