Re: New Shaman Rules

Date: Wed 14 May 1997 - 22:40:00 EEST


Ok, I will gather up the rules and ask Sandy if it is ok to post them as is.
He and I were working on them just before he got real busy awhile back and I
need to clarify a couple of things.

I have been testing them on my groups and they seem to work out real well.
Some of the latest additions need to be put into the 'puter also so hold on a
little and I will get them out.

To update everyone. I have not been off the list, but just scanning
everything and only jumping in every now and then to make a comment (which is
usually ignored <g>). I have been gathering stuff for Ingo for the
Tradetalk's this year and we should have enough now for 4 issues. I think #2
is ready or at the printers but I think he is on holiday and I not having had
one for about 3 years I understand the need. He should let you know about it

Also, I have been very busy getting ready to move to Oregon (I am in Hawaii
for those of you who do not know) in about a month. I look forward to being
nearer to those west coast RQ/Gloranthaphiles!

Scott Knowles
Chaos Society USA Coordinator
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"Why is it your people always ask that when they are about to do something
exceedingly dangerous"?


 - Ambassoders Sinclair and Delenn, Babylon 5


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