Can the gods audition for MTV's "Real Life"?

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Date: Thu 15 May 1997 - 04:56:48 EEST

>Free Will country here: whatever the Truth is, it clearly can't be obvious
>to anyone in Glorantha (except the late, unlamented God Learners), or how'd
>you explain the way the world so patently *is*?
        The reason this discussion keeps coming up again isn't
that isn't that the truth isn't obvious to Glorathans, but
rather that the truth isn't obvious to us. In the end
Gloratha *isn't* after all. Or, rather, it exists only in as
much as we bring it to life through reading or writing or
roleplaying. The problem with doing any of these things is
that Stafford's presentation has been erratic and
incoherenent. At some points and in some works the gods do
seem to be real personalities that act indirectly in the world
and brood anxiously over their followers. In other writings
a "god" seems to be nothing other than a vague subjective focus
of worship.
>The Truth may be Out There, but Out There ain't In Here. If standardising
>each Gloranthan god into one objectively true version (per Carl) would mean
>losing anything that's been written into Glorantha (frex: Elmal; the Dara
>Happan religion; Kralorela; Pamaltela; Malkionism; the animist perspective;
        There would be problems trying to "fit in" aspects of
the Dara Happan source material to a world of objectively true
gods, but I fail to see why having "real" gods would mean that
we'd have have to get rid of most of the things you've

mentioned. "Real" Gloranthan gods would still be limited
beings, with their own prejudices, failings, opinions and spin.
Just 'cause Orlanth exists doesn't imply that a follower of
the invisible god or Pamalt would or should worship him.
        Anyway, Glorantha subjectivists don't seem to have
much problems kicking stuff out of the canon. The Yelmalion
cult write-up is treated as a tissue of lies. Inconvenient
older sources are retroactively attributed to god-learners and



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