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Joseph Troxell wondered

> 1. There are 24 tribes. How many clans in a tribe, and how many people in
> a clan?

King of Sartar suggests that the average size of a clan is 1200. The
Glorantha box has the total population of Sartar.

The best source is probably Questlines. Tribes vary in size from the Amad
(of Far Point, 2500) to the Colymar (18000). The Colymar is vastly larger
than other tribes, the next largest being the Culbrea at 11000. (It's worth
noting that the large clans tend to be older ones, which probably have
developed a little more stability.) King of Sartar lists the clans of the

The Tovtaros Tribe (of the Far Place) has 5 clans (pop. 850, 900, 750,
1500, 350), plus 370 people in Ironspike.

> 2. What ratio of "healthy working adults" to "those not fit to work (aged,
> infirm, young)" exists?

Good question -- this is an assumption in the definition of a family.

> 3. How much acreage (or square mileage) does one person require to farm
> enough food to feed themselves for one year? From this, I can extrapolate
> out how much land a clan needs for farming.

A hide (an old Anglo-Saxon term) is about 120 acres, enough land to support
a family. Your definition of family may vary; I'm currently assuming it's
about 8 (father, mother, 2 elders, 1 unmarried adult sibling, 3 kids).

You can also take the Dragon Pass map, count the hexes in Sartar, and work
from that. I think you'll get clans at 2-3 hexes. (Population of the
Grazelands is 40000. The Grazelands is 132 hexes.)

Also, I once calculated that a hex is about 55 km^2, or 120 hides.

How you support a family matters, of course. You need a lot more land if
you're a hunter-gatherer than if you practice intensive agriculture.

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