Re: Gloranthan lines of sight.

From: Dr M. D. Lay (
Date: Thu 15 May 1997 - 13:04:47 EEST

> From: Joseph Troxell <>
> While talking to Rich Ohlsen tonight, he brought up a wonderful point. If
> Glorantha is flat, or shaped something like a bowl, there is no horizon to
> interfer with line of sight. Therefore, the only thing preventing you from

> seeing the world's highest mountain from anywhere would be: a) a tall object
> in the way (which could be avoided by climbing a nearby high object), b)
> weather (like fog), or c) limits of human (or non-human) eyesight (which
> could be fixed with enough Farsee). So trying to find your location with a
> compass (or two or three or twelve) may be unnessecary.

Unfortunately, atmospheric conditions (changes in pressure and moisture
content) and scattering of light mean that the further you try and look the
more indistinct an object becomes. This is true in the real world and is
presumably true in Glorantha.

Plus of course, the intermediate tall object might well be 20 miles away which
is a bit of a hike, or might consist of an apparently endless forest.....

Mike Lay
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