Mostali in Boldhome

From: Frederic Ferro (
Date: Thu 15 May 1997 - 11:40:51 EEST

Nick Brooke ecrivait dans le Glorantha Digest V4, # 400 :
> The cult of the Masons [in Boldhome] was important in
> "Home of the Bold", with royal patronage (all those bridges
> & roads & temples of the dynasty)

Is the Inviolate Castle of the Mostali still open after the
mysterious death of Saronil ? Are the Quivini Dwarves ennemies of
this Masonic brotherhood, which must own some Mostali secrets,
thanks to Wilm and Saronil ?

In the Dwarf mini-campaign (Elder Secrets), the Boldhome alchemists
sell synthetic Mostali food but there doesn't seem to be Dwarves
in the city.

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Bravo to Owen Jones for his Ian Stewartian story !

        Frederic Ferro

"And the Emperor proposed a simple competition to Umathsson :
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The Emperor came out, was warm and friendly, and the Traveller took
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