Orlanth loves Rufelza?

From: TTrotsky@aol.com
Date: Fri 16 May 1997 - 00:04:39 EEST

    A few Digests back, VS Greene raised the question of the possibility of a
cult of Orlanth Bridegroom being created by the Lunars and their
sympathisers. A number of people replied, but I was alone in saying that I

didn't think it was very likely. My reasoning was that AFAIK, the Red Goddess
had to pledge to destroy Orlanth as part of the conditions of attaining
godhood at Castle Blue. Fair enough, so I was evidently wrong. But I notice
that nobody replied to my objections to the idea. A lot of you clever people
out there know a lot more about Gloranthan myth than I do. So can anybody
answer the following questions for me:

1) _Why_ was I wrong? Have I misunderstood/misremembered something, or is my
objection just irrelevant - and if so, why?
2) What would a cult of Orlanth Bridegroom be able to acheive that the
already existent Cult of the Seven Mothers cannot?

Thanks, Trotsky


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