No, I don't give up easy

From: Carl Fink (
Date: Fri 16 May 1997 - 02:15:10 EEST

Jeff Richard <>

>Carl, though, is impressively unrepentant in his commitment to the Nochet
>neo-God Learner heresy. Perhaps the Gift Carriers need to be summoned

I've been a self-identified God Learner since I started posting to
this list, Jeff. I even know the Secret, courtesy of Sandy.

>Personally, when Boltho throws a Thunderbolt to smite his foes, I doubt
>there is ambigiuty in the direct experience of the event. Asking whether
>Orlanth the Thunderer, Shargash the Destroyer or Lanatum was the direct
>source of the Thunderbolt is likely to have a subjective response - Boltho
>would say Orlanth, Plentonius would have said Lanatum, and maybe an Alkothi
>would think that Boltho worships a barbaric variant of Shargash.

This again misses my point. "The direct experience of the world"
includes Heroquesting and Divination and incarnate gods. And the idea
that somehow Divination is irrelevant because the priests wouldn't
ask is frankly ridiculous. Why wouldn't they?
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Carl Fink

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