Which wing?

From: Dave Bailey (db@uk.hboc.com)
Date: Fri 16 May 1997 - 10:50:40 EEST

"Mhy it's dusty out there Nyok, how's the library?"

"Meebal you old grave digger, the libraries fine, how was the trip to =
the west?"

"Confusing I'm afraid, I was hoping you could help? I've recently come =
into possession of some rather excellent Lunar work (Tales #13) on the =
Malkioni that clearly states they have 3 laws in one part but lists 4 =
elsewhere? Know you of a solution? I think the scribe still works here =

some where so I'd like a quick chat, any Idea which wing he'll be =
working in?"

"Dunno, some of the older ones have been working here so long and =
stuffed some much in their heads they even forget who they are <g>, try =
standing in the juncture and shouting?"

<LOL> "......and you wonder why we don't take your advice on the races? =
I'll see you later for a mug of Auld Foamer"

"Oh, BTW do you know were I can get a complete copy of Ice Breaker or =
Deville and the Eleven, I seem to be missing sections?"


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