Date: Sat 17 May 1997 - 12:22:17 EEST

Alex Ferguson suggests....

>Let's be clear about this: the "subjectivists" have very particular
>reasons for their position. They want to be able to have a Peloria
>which believes in Pelorian myth, a Barbarian Belt that believes in
>Theyalan myth. Seem fair? In contrast, the Objectivists apparently
>propose that we get to pick just one model, and declare all the rest
>wrong, because of RQ2 sentimentality, or some vague sense of unease
>about allowing multiple viewpoints, or other such non-concrete
>objectives. Now that, I call muddled thinking.

     BUZZ!! Wrong, but thanks for playing.

     I, at least, feel that there should be an overall Truth that all the
various mythic systems of Glorantha veiw in a different way. Something like

the story of the blind people and the elephant; different perspectives and
parts. The gods are real, but seen differently. There are common experiences
for all of Glorantha. There aren't fifteen different gods that all are
supposed to be the glowing thing in the sky, just different
aspects/perspectives/parts. The God Learners almost saw the elephant, but may
have seen a mastodon. That's my take on it, other God Learner aspirants may
see it all differently.

     Still, folk should use whatever Glorantha suits them. If folk want to
play SociologyQuest, fine. :)

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