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Date: Sat 17 May 1997 - 18:41:47 EEST

Alex Ferguson <>

>Let's be clear about this: the "subjectivists" have very particular
>reasons for their position. They want to be able to have a Peloria
>which believes in Pelorian myth, a Barbarian Belt that believes in
>Theyalan myth. Seem fair?

Sure, as long as the myths *aren't directly contradictory*. Which
they originally (RQ2) were not. Please don't cite newer publications
to prove me wrong, since what I'm complaining about is precisely that
newer publications *do* diverge from this earlier, better, state.

The history of Glorantha is actually a parable of Greg's *description*
of Glorantha, you see. In the Golden Age, everything was singular and
orderly (although some, like Alex, would see it as stagnant and
boring). Then came the Storm Age (RQ3) when cracks appeared in the

perfection of the unifying description. Now is the Chaos Age, when
Gloranthan myth makes no sense and simulaneously embodies
contradictory principles.

Eventually a new order will arise, perhaps with the publication of
Glorantha: The Game. This order will be different from the original
splendor of the Monomyth, but consistent enough to continue existing.
After a time, it will be destroyed in a second War of the Gods, to be
replaced by the Illiteracy Era in which nothing will ever be published
about Glorantha again.

In contrast, the Objectivists apparently
>propose that we get to pick just one model, and declare all the rest
>wrong, because of RQ2 sentimentality, or some vague sense of unease
>about allowing multiple viewpoints, or other such non-concrete
>objectives. Now that, I call muddled thinking.

I call it "distortion of our viewpoint". If the myths contradict each
other then SOME ARE WRONG. If you accept the primacy of logic you
can't get around that. If you don't, we're wasting our time
discussing this.

Peter Metcalfe <>

>Glorantha is *more* *than* 'the Gods are Real'. It is about
>mythology and magic. By saying that the mythology of the Theists
>is completely and utterly true, you are saying that the mythology
>of the Malkioni, Kralori, Mostali and even the Lunars among others
>are completely and utterly false. And that to me robs Glorantha
>of what makes it special.

Er, no.

The Mostali and Malkioni don't even CHALLENGE the beliefs of the
theists. Neither denies that Orlanth or Yelm or Chalana Arroy exists,
you know. They make a judgement that Ernalda SHOULD NOT BE

The Orlanthi don't deny the existence of Malkioni Saints, either. Just
that Invisible God worship is the right religion for them. (Orlanthi

don't seem to have missionaries since the demise of the First and
Second Councils. That is, they don't recruit. I suspect they have no
problem with the Westerners worshipping whoever they please.)

As the Jrusteli among others pointed out, Yelmic and Orlanthi myths
don't contradict. It's the same set of events, viewed from a
different viewpoint.

Well, that *used* to be true, before Greg started retroactively
changing the myths, anyway.

This is too long, I'll stop now.

Oh, and "The Last Icebreaker" was terrific. Makes me wish for more of
Sheng's tale, though.
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Carl Fink

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