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Date: Sat 17 May 1997 - 22:37:19 EEST

A few comments.

Trotsky, that enigmatic man of mystery, wrote:

> First off, I have to say I incline towards the 'subjectivists' side
>this debate. But more important to me is the fact that it doesn't really
>matter. It isn't possible for Gloranthans (and hence PCs) to determine the
>answer to questions such as 'are Yelm and Kargzant the same being?' And if
>isn't possible to answer a question then it's irrelevant, except perhaps

Hurrah and Huzzah! Ultimately this entire discussion is moot because we as
writers are debating issues that no Gloranthan could answer! I like this
man of mystery. Please "Trotsky" don't send out your biography for it
would ruin the mystery - it would be like discovering for certain that the
charming Aglie is not the immortal Comte de Saint-Germain, but simply a
very successful brush salesman from Turin.

On the other hand, our man from Arkham wrote:
> Still, folk should use whatever Glorantha suits them. If folk want to
play SociologyQuest, fine. :)

I guess we Seattle Farmers do play SociologyQuest - but I want to emphasize
that we most certainly do game in Glorantha. Indeed, we manage to get off
a session nearly every week. In Taming of Dragon Pass, the
player-characters have experienced fifteen years of game-time, changing
from being the sons and daughters of carls to the lead thanes of the clan.
 They've been on pilgramages to Kero Fin and the Stormwalk Mountains, they
have tried to follow in the paths of their gods, they have fought in
battles and raids against their foes and they tried to view Glorantha as
Gloranthans. Maybe it is SociologyQuest (or SassanidQuest as Nick Brooke
used to say), but it is smashing good fun.

The point is that you don't need to have determined the God Learners'
secret (if indeed it is even relevant anymore) in order to have a good time
in Glorantha. My personal view towards the Gloranthan mythos is extremely
subjective - yet my players tend to be very absolutist about the relevance
of their characters subjective myths. Imagine that.

BTW, Martin - great to have the return of Deville! With trepidation for
the fate of the peaceful Varmandi, I await the next issue.



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