No, I can't just let it go

From: Carl Fink (
Date: Sat 17 May 1997 - 19:42:35 EEST

"Carlson, Pam" <>

>Not at all. Look at RW religions & philosophies, all of which have
>differing interpretations of the nature of the world, the place of
>humans, the nature of deities, Truth, and all that jazz. Is any one of
>them really right, with all the others being completely wrong? These
>various religions & philosophies all work for their practitoners.
>Glorantha is the same way.

Did you really want to raise this?

There are about two possibilities. No, three.

        1)They're all wrong. (My position, FWIW)
        2)One is right, the rest are wrong.
        3)Some or all are *partly* right, some or all are wrong.

Which one is your Glorantha?

>This is a lot like stopping history. Newton defined the laws of the
>universe as he knew them. Three hundred-odd years later, Einstein came
>along. Should we ignore all Einstein's ideas, because his new world
>difficult to pigeonhole and makes some of us uncomfortable?
>Where does that get us? And, what about the people who LIKE playing
>with relativity theories? OTOH, Newton is still quite useful when
>playing in 1600 Sartar... er... at slow speeds.

This is a rather extreme burlesque of how science works, but in any
case, Newton's physics, although brilliant were WRONG, and Isaac
himself would not deny it (I think) if resurrected. Sorry.

And none of the above is relevant, because Glorantha doesn't HAVE
immutable laws. It's whatever Greg says it is. If Greg reverts to
Monomythology, that's Glorantha, period.

Martin Laurie states what I'd call the "Pure Berkeleyism" position
eloquently. It's a consistent system, and if it works for your game,
great . . . but I find it REPELLENT and therefore it don't work for

Peter Metcalfe:

> . . . Normally the answer that the priest recieves will be
>similar to that of his or her colleagues and the wider community.
>The divination will also tend to confirm the lore and dogma in
>which the priest has learned in the process of attaining priestly


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