From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Sun 18 May 1997 - 05:05:45 EEST

I suggest that Objectivitists have no real, pressing argument for their
beliefs, on a game level or otherwise, to which V. S. Greene dispenses
with the (now sadly commonplace on this list) discourtesies of the
rhetorical "umm" and "err", and launches straight into:

> BUZZ!! Wrong, but thanks for playing.

And then pretty much makes my point for me.

> I, at least, feel that there should be an overall Truth that all the
> various mythic systems of Glorantha veiw in a different way.

But _why_? What does this belief actually "buy" anyone? Aside from
assertions that they want/need such a thing (to a greater or lesser
degree; some are happy that the Truth be "underlying"; others want
it to have its foot on High Priests' windpipes), I've seen no
particular case that it's desirable/necessary for any actual purpose.

The notorious "elephant" metaphor is harmless enough as such theories
go, if taken in moderation, and may even be True, who knows? But only
so long as one bears in mind that most Gloranthans are happy to believe
in their Elephant's Trunk, or whatever, and will cheerfully impale you
if you try and tell them heretical stuff about the Whole Elephant or The
Accursed Foot Worshipping People; and that there's no way on Glorantha
to prove whether there's One Elephant, Several Elephants, or No Elephant
at all.

The only Gloranthans to believe in this sort of stuff are: the God
Learners, who found a Wooly Mammoth and decided it'd look much better
after a shave and a severe tusk-trim; and assorted Mystics and
Henotheists, who believe there really is only _One_ Elephant (and
not one Storm Elephant, one Sun Elephant, etc, as the Objectivists
generally seem to think), that each and every divine manifestation
is a Mask of the one divine world, and other such warm and fuzzy
notions. And these are the very people for whom religious experience
is the most Trancendental, and the least Manifest, which hardly augers
well for those who want Irrefutable Proof of such notions.

And a bonus question: if there's an objective mythic reality, what is
it? I fancy the quickest way to "settle" this debate would be to
take all the paid-up Objectivists and lock them up in a room together,
with no wishy-washy commie liberal subversive subjectivist types to
confuse them, and only let them out once they'd agreed on what this
hypothetical One Truth actually was. (For similar reasons, I'm
even as we speak planning a World Conference on Absolute Morality.)

Relatively reasonably,


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