From: Erik Hamilton (ham@queeg.com)
Date: Sun 18 May 1997 - 09:08:26 EEST

Hi all,
All this talk about how wonderfully useful Divination can be got me to
remembering that wonderful example of real world augury.

Seems Romulus and Remus were arguing over which of them would get to
be king of their soon to be formed city, and after whom it would be
named. They chose to Divine the answer. Remus saw a certain quantity
of vultures (I can't seem to remember the exact ammount) and a brief
time later Romulus saw a greater quantity of vultures.

Remus reasoned that he should rule as he saw them first, and Romulus
argued that it should be him, because he saw more. You know the rest.

Boy, howdy, I'm convinced. Divination is _terribly_ useful. Clears
those nasty little problems and disputes right up. Can't see why
people don't spend all day in the temple divining the answer to simply

All Hail the Screeching Baboon,

Erik Hamilton


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