Your Glorantha May Differ

From: Joseph Troxell (
Date: Sun 18 May 1997 - 09:20:02 EEST

>And none of the above is relevant, because Glorantha doesn't HAVE
>immutable laws. It's whatever Greg says it is. If Greg reverts to
>Monomythology, that's Glorantha, period.

The great problem with Glorantha is being Gregged. No one wants to put
hundreds of hours into a campaign, and have something Stafford publishes a
few years later contradict a lot of what was central to the campaign. Which
usually means that the Gregging gets ignored. I know people who don't
bother with GRAY. So, what it comes down to is that your Glorantha is what
you and your referee say it is.

If Stafford wouldn't tinker with the "big picture" (like adding Elmal,
etc.), this wouldn't be half the headache. I don't know if he does it

deliberately just to mess with people's heads and worlds, or if it just all
comes out of his head. What it comes down to, is you need to make a
decision to either: a) accept everything that comes out of his head (and
change your world if nessecary) or, b) that you're going to set up your
Glorantha your way and if Stafford writes something you like then you'll
incorporate it. Usually, people use the second method.

If you still get really upset by all this, and don't know what to do, here's
a suggestion. Assume someone can do very powerful heroquesting and alter
the timeline. Then, Greggings just become massive heroquests. Then you can
legitimately incorporate them into your Glorantha.


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