Praxians and Lunars

Date: Wed 14 May 1997 - 20:57:18 EEST

The Crimson Nick wrote:

>It's important to remember that the Praxians didn't (and don't) see the
>Lunars as some vast evil overpowering enemy to be defeated at all costs.
>Most Praxians have never met a Lunar: they live out in the Wastes, only
>coming to Sacred Prax every few decades to visit the Paps and the Block,
>make new Khans in the Devil's Marsh, etc. The Praxian tribe which knows the
>Lunars best has in fact *allied* itself with them. The Orlanthi "Foul Slime
>of Chaos" rhetoric doesn't strike many chords out on the Plaines, whose
>natives are more familiar with "real" Chaos and don't seem to agree that
>the Lunars fit this mold.

I'm sure that's exactly what Lunar bureuacrats are reporting in their missives
home to the Empire. "The Praxians don't hate us. We're making significant
inroads with this noble yet savage people. In fact, we've already made
numerous converts in the Zebra rider tribe, one of their most powerful groups."

Gits like that'll be the first ones up against the wall when the Big Raid comes.

I'll grant that Nick may be right that the Praxians don't hate the Lunars just
because they're dupes of Chaos.

The Praxians also hate the Lunars because they're stone-wall building, walking,
farming gits that're fun to ride down lance in hand. Not to mention that they ride
HORSES... spit... support the Sun Dome gits... spit... are trying to grab all the good
land in the Zola Fel valley... spit... spit... gnash of teeth.

So the fact that they worship a vile Chaos demon and employ calvary units made up
of PENTISH HORSE RIDING SCUM is just icing on the cake.

Or to quote Baruk Demonsbane, Storm Kane of the Thunder Bison Tribe,
"They walk and ride horses. They live in cities. They are weak. And when
the White Bull comes, we will kill them."

>Parallel: killing random Lunars (even Lunar soldiers) because "the Empire
>is in league with Chaos" would be like killing random Americans (or
>American policemen) because "the US government is in league with the
>Grays". Even if it *were* true (and I stress that I, personally, have seen
>no evidence that Clinton plans to let aliens in flying saucers take over
>the world), might it not seem a teensy-weensy bit of an over-reaction?

Not to a Praxian, who are black and white thinkers if I ever met one.
All Chaos is bad chaos.

And don't forget, the average Praxian would love to kill the average civilized
Lunar just for fun (and to steal his stuff). Hell, they kill each other just for fun and
to steal each others stuff. And at least other Praxians are brothers in Waha.
Everyone else is just meat for the slaughter.

>Sure, if you want to play the kind of fanatical cultist who unquestioningly
>does whatever his lunatic cult leader tells him (inc. murder, sabotage,
>terrorism), fair play to you: but I'd hope most Gloranthans are more
>reasonable than this.

Not Praxians. Praxians are savage, heartless, nomad raiding scum.
They may love their wives and children plenty, but they could give a shit
about what happens to yours.


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