beer and money

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Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 02:48:31 EEST

Colin Phillips:

>so as you can see the stable diet of the Orlanthi would be some sort of
>grain porridge, with the mutton/(V.occassional)beef and vegetables.
>Supplimented with collected fruits and berries. Probably washed down with
>all the milk one could drink.

What about the beer? I recalling hearing figures of between 6 and 12 pints
a day for medieval brits. Watery stuff compared to modern beer, but having
the advantage over water that it tended to be disease free.

>Now things get real interesting when you work out the how grain/animals
>equates to metals/coins if any body is interested let me know and I will
>write up my notes.


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