A cautionary note to those who believe in History.

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 03:34:08 EEST

Joseph Troxell:
> Assume someone can do very powerful heroquesting and alter
> the timeline.

Which is of course True, at least insofar as by "timeline" what's
meant is "what people say happened", that is, what we quaintly
call "history".

> Then, Greggings just become massive heroquests. Then you can
> legitimately incorporate them into your Glorantha.

This works, though in the case of the Elmal Incident, you end up
with "original reality" and "post-heroquest reality" reversed,
if you see what I mean.

I'm sure most of you are familar with the observation that mythology
is psychology misunderstood as history (Jung, if memory serves).
You may think that this is less true in Glorantha (to put it mildly),
but bear in mind that in the presence of HeroQuesting, even if Myth
Is History right now, it very likely won't be in a minute. Unless
you think heroquesting alters "actual history", too, at which point
definition-freaks (not to mention historians) will jump down your

Have fun,


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