A Practical Object Identity Question?

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 04:15:19 EEST

Erich Schmidt:
[What difference does it make if the myths are wrong?]
> If an Orlanthi is fighting Lunars with Pentans in the Redlands
> and needs to refresh his rune magic, what happens if he prays at the
> West King Wind shrine of his allies?

That's a entirely reasonable question, but I don't think one need
necessarily appeal to Objective Reality for the answer. Greg was
asked a similar question at a Convulsion, and answered in the
Affirmative. (I'm assuming that people's supposition that WKW's
cult is Very Similar to Orlanth's is correct (though I have my doubts),
and that they're on Mythicly Friendly Terms, as implied by the

As to why it doesn't "prove" anything; well, bear in mind that you
can do the same thing in the temple of a associate, which no-one
would (as a rule) suggest was the "same" god. Furthermore, if you
assumed that "similar enough to share ritual sites" meant an Identity
between the two, and accepted the sort of similarity arguments that
fly around here regularly, you could quickly "prove" that Barntar
was Tolat, say.



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