re: Sub/Objectivity...

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt) (
Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 04:19:57 EEST

I just have to throw in a couple of (short) points to this (already
overlong) argument.

In the RW, If five people see the very same undeniably real event (say,
a traffic accident) and are asked to describe it a week later. Their
descriptions will nearly always contradict each other in one or more
major aspects. Does that mean that the accident wasn't "real"? Of
Course the MYTHS of all things contain contradictions.

also, in the RW, it is (objectively) PROVEN that "The Truth" is
unknowable. (Heisenberg uncertainty principle) You can know a lot, but
ultimately you have to resort to probability. How is it then that a
Knowable "Truth" is required to make a Fantasy World "realistic" ???

As a gamemaster, you ultimately decide what the truth is in your
glorantha. However, you will always be faced with viewpoints and
"truths" that contradict your own. If the world were shallow enough to
allow for only one truth, I for one wouldn't care enough about it to
waste my time reading this list. If you require a monomyth, make it...
your Glorantha WILL vary. But that's a GOOD thing.



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