Great philosophers

Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 03:53:04 EEST

                      Great philosophers 19/5/97
> Don't you know of any other philosophers besides
>the bishop? Popper? Kuhn? Wittgenstien? William of Occam?

Which leads me to wonder what these great philosophers would have contributed to the debate:

Popper: It is not possible to establish whether a myth is true or not, merely that it stands up to repeated attempts to falsify it. The most fruitful way of approaching myths is by a heroquest that makes a bold hypothesis about mythical reality and then attempts to falsify it.

Kuhn: People in Glorantha work within a dominant paradigm of myths. Most heroquests simply reaffirm and refine existing myths. But very occasionally there is a huge shift in the way we look at the world. The transition from RQII reality to RQIII reality is one such paradigm shift. There will be more paradigm shifts in the future.

William of Occam: We should assume the simplest explanation of a mythical "fact" is correct.

Can anyone help with Wittgenstein? It's a **long** time since I studied this at Uni.

Bill McKinley


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