Poking fun (and disbelief) at Lunars.

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 04:25:43 EEST

Mr. R. H. Wolfe predicts an end to some promising careers:
> Gits like that'll be the first ones up against the wall when the
> Big Raid comes.

Well, I for one laughed. ;-) And incidentally, pretty convincing, too.

Mark Sabalauskas:
> But, speaking as an "objectivist" I still don't see why
> "subjectivism" has anything to do with different peoples having
> different takes on the way things should be.

Because some (I stress some) interpretations of "objectivism" tell
me that the viewpoints can't differ _too_ much, only within the
bound of experimental stuff-that-we-can-explain-away.

> Recent Solar and Lunar source material *could* have have been written
> in a way that was distinctive yet still consistant with the gods
> being real (but limited) beings.

And you're telling me it wasn't? To wit that a reading of the
Entekosiad, say, convinces you that the gods are "not real"?
I find that reaction to be... surprising. After all, no one
on _Glorantha_ seems to think so.

> Actually, in the good old days, back before we found
> out that the Pelorians thought the world was a lot older than
> 1,600 years, there was more room for cults to differ about
> facts. After all, one could simply chalk up differences to
> the problems mortals have understanding a world "before" time.

That's true, and that rationale _still_ exists within the scope of the
area the Compromise Myth is True inside, namely all of Theyalan culture.
In fact, KoS provides the best "take" on that explanation, as Yelm's
servants cry "bitter tears" when Orlanth tells them everything that was,
will be, because they know it _can't_ all be. (Pardon my syntax.)
Granted, you can no longer Explain Everything that way, either inside
Glorantha or outside it. Or rather, if you do, some people won't
believe you.

Of course, the Lunars are the _last_ people to worry about Inconsistency.
If you tell 'em their ever-growing pantheon is starting to lose
internal cohesion due to having believed too many impossiblly different
things before elevenses, they'll just prove to you that black is white,
and vice versa. And then get both of you killed at the next Zebra
Crossing -- which as you can imagine, is a very real hazard in Prax.



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