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From: James Wadsley (
Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 04:11:20 EEST

My Australian 2 cents is placed firmly behind the subjectivists :).
Of course you can argue that we can't all be right, but people do
agree to disagree. Other times they make war and kill the heretics -
we see enough of that in Glorantha. I had a mildly scary thought: What
if you declare the 'standard' Orlanthi and surrounding myths CORRECT
and then the Lunars kill them all (or vice versa of course). We are
left with a world full of hopelessly deluded people. I don't think
early RQ was more cohesive, just incomplete.

I strongly support the idea of vague divination. Where does it say
Divination is yes/no anyway?

"Hmm. The holy pig scratched twice. As we all know the sun rises and
falls, expressing a duality relfected in the scratchings of the holy
pig. As high priest of Yelm, it means that my interpretation was
correct. Cast the heretic into the pit."

Divination is a form of Heroquest. If you want to have something
slightly non-orthodox supported by the god, you have to have the
spiritual weight to do it. IMHO, all 'serious' divinations that would
actually challenge the nature of the cult or the god MUST be

"You wish to know if what the Orlanth worshippers say is true; that
Yelm was assisted in his re-ascent!". The priest spat. His body shook
with revulsion at the very thought. "You have served us well, Rune
Lord and for this I will ask the God in earnest; to shed light on this
delusion of the Orlanthi."

The priest called to the shining sun and cast feathers on the eternal
fires. As the fine ashes drifted about him, the priest's mind filled
with knowledge. "You must travel far to seek your answer." he said,
"The journey will be long and painful and not without cost." As
the priest continued, the battle hardened eyes of warrior of light
became wide. Silently he swore an oath that he should see these
sights, for the greater glory of his god.

Many years later, the hero gloriously smashed his way to the surface
from Hell; light personified melting the shadows to nothingness. His
mind was filled with the foolishness of his question, he laughed and
pulled the quivering Orlanthi he had chosen to accompany him to his
feet. He laughed as the hordes of trolls and darkness creatures ran in
panic before him.
"Stay here." he told the Orlanthi and he went back to gather the
rest of his motley crew ...

Do even great quests such as the one above shed light on anything?
No. I don't think divination provides any answer you didn't already
suspect. Only people capable of creating their own paths can come up
with non-orthodox answers.


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