Newton wasn't wrong

Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 05:58:01 EEST

Einstein and Gauss and the others didn't prove Newton WRONG; they
just made his mathematics a smaller part of a larger reality. One
could suggest the same for RQ III/RQ II. In terms of modern cosmology,
much of the debate so far has been at a relatively unsophisticated level.

My only problem with the extreme subjective view (although I am an historian
myself) is not that of what "really happened," in some abstract sense, but
the rather more important question, for a GM, of what WILL happen. By this
I mean, when culture A meets Culture B, which has a different view of the
world and its past/meaning, in most cases one view proves RIGHT, not in some
abstract sense, but in the sense that, say, the Indian Ghost Dancers found
out that their dances did not stop the white man's bullets.

I'm reminded of Isaac Asimov's Foundation, in which he points out that
the "religion of science" WORKS. I'm quite prepared to believe that it
doesn't work on Glorantha, but as a GM, or a player, I still want to know
what does. "Copenhagen theorists" might be right about quantum mechanics,
but even they don't act in our world as if their thoughts determine reality.

I note that Martin Laurie's characters have yet to be defeated by someone
interpreting reality differently at them (was it a John Brunner story

in which the human children defeated monsters by disbelieving in them?).
AD&D has some sort of solipsism spell, but RQ doesn't. Maybe it should
be introduced into the new version.

Jim Chapin


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