Events - Subjective/Objectivity

From: Martin Dick (
Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 09:08:28 EEST

While there is some philosophical interest in the debate about
objective/subjective myths and realities, to my mind it doesn't
really matter, play in the type of Glorantha that delivers what you
want. Some supplements will be more or less useful than others to you
but them's the breaks :-).

What I'm more interested in, is what events can be considered to be
global or widespread or whether there are any events that can be
considered to have happened in a global/widespread. I'm not that
interested in what caused them, as each culture will have its own
explanation, but have they caused an impact over a widespread/global area.


The SunStop - do the Pamaltelans know of this event

The DragonKill War - Were a large number of people from all over eaten
by Dragons?

Gbaji/Nysalor - Was there a big battle between two very powerful individuals
which ravaged vast areas of Genertela?

The Dawn - Did the Sun vanish from the sky for some lengthy period of time
and then reemerge?

The Closing - Were all the seas closed?

I Fought We Won - Is this a universal myth or is it just First Council/Theyalan
/God Learner mumbo jumbo?

Chaos - Is there such a thing, did great hordes of Chaos maraud across the world
sometime prior to 1 ST by the Theyalan calendar.

The Destruction of the Spike - Was some central crucial element of the
early world of Glorantha destroyed by some inimical force?

The Block - Is some cosmic baddie under there or is just a really big and
bad broo?

So the overall question is I guess, are there any objective facts in the
consensual schema of Glorantha?



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