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Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 09:29:14 EEST

TTrotsky on the Stars

>Steve Martin disagrees with my comment that the Gloranthan stars have
>measurable parallax, on the grounds that RW ancient astronomers couldn't
>measure the parallax of RW stars. I fail to see the relevance since
>isn't the RW.

When the Whirlpool issue was being discussed, I did not read the thread
in time to comment, but TTrotsky has given me a perfect opportunity. From
the very beginning, Glorantha has been constructed as a world where all
the magical and "misguided" beliefs of our ancestors were true. The whole
lozenge is a model of pre-Modern earth -- magic works the way our
ancestors believed it worked. The Whirlpool moves in a clockwise
direction because that is the direction Coriolis forces move it -- if
Greg Stafford had been raised in the southern hemisphere, I daresay
Magasta's Pool would have turned counter-clockwise.

Since the ancients of the RW measured no parallax in the stars, our
ancient world-modelled Glorantha should also have parallax-less stars.
Yes, things have changed in Glorantha since the "good old days". But the
fundamental physics of the world remain the same.

That's how I see it, anyways.
Praxians and Lunars

Bravo for your defense of Lunar-hating Praxians. All of the published
material to date that I remember has talked about how most Praxians view
the Lunars as chaos. You give us a number of other, more important,
reasons for this hate.

Stephen Martin
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