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Date: Mon 19 May 1997 - 21:40:36 EEST

I've enjoyed the recent stories in the Digest.

Alex Ferguson wrote

> Jeff's own mailer is doubly associated with the Malign Computer Rune

Which, as we all know, is shaped like an 'O' with a small bite taken out of it.

Joseph Troxell wrote

> If Stafford wouldn't tinker with the "big picture" (like adding Elmal,
> etc.), this wouldn't be half the headache.

This is probably where the Elmal Lovers diverge from the Elmal Haters --
the former don't believe this is tinkering with the big picture. Not only
is there still a minor Orlanthi sun god, but now he has a little history,
and isn't a static, unchanging cult. Changing the big picture would be
saying that the God Learners really aren't all gone, they just staged the

disasters and moved to Pamaltela.

It's certainly the case that details keep changing, but the core Glorantha
has remained pretty stable over the years it's been in print.

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