Tales 16

From: Stephen P Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Tue 20 May 1997 - 04:47:28 EEST

To All:

It's true! It's true! Tales 16 is indeed back from the printer. I must
say, it is the best-looking issue of Tales to date. The cover is very

catchy, and there is plenty of art inside as well (including one piece I
was going to use in Drastic -- gotta go find another 1/4 page illo now).

While I have not read all of the contents, I have read or skimmed most of
them. The highlight for me is the description of the Moon's surface,
which I had heard about (and seen a preliminary map of), but not yet
seen. I am still skeptical about the cult write-ups, but all told the
contents should have something for everyone, and should serve to whet
_everybody's_ appetite for more.

I can only say, All Hail the Reaching Moon.

Stephen Martin
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